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Elisabetta Mancini
Elisabetta Mancini
Elisabetta has simply got warp and woof in her DNA. After studying art and getting a master’s degree in Visual Design from the Politecnico of Milan, she started working very early in the field of knitwear. Soon her job became a passion  and her talent and can-do attitude led her to work for internationally renowned fashion maestros, stylists, and creative directors. Elisabetta was a fashion coordinator for Jean Paul Gaultier’s men’s and women’s lines, and then a style consultant for Giorgio Armani’s knitwear collection. Later, she became French stylist Azzedine Alaia’s right-hand woman, before reaching the Parisian style office of the Maison Yves Saint Laurent where she was appointed manager and development consultant of the knitwear and jersey collections, together with Stefano Pilati. Driven by her interest to study and discover new knitting yarns and fabrics, Elisabetta put constant research at the centre of her travels. In the world’s biggest fashion capitals, from London to Paris, New York and Tokyo, she developed a strong sensitivity, which allowed her to anticipate new materials, cuts and colours. As an image expert, Elisabetta combines creativity, know-how and a great sensitivity to grasp and highlight the style of the people she meets.
Her motto is “nothing goes to waste”. And Prince Charles is a champion at this. He told Vogue magazine that he has not bought any clothes in decades. Elisabetta follows the same concept more or less. How? She walks into your wardrobe, organises it and rearranges it in the most efficient way. She alters any well-made piece of clothing with an old-fashioned cut, and includes any “must-haves” that should be in every man or woman’s wardrobe. Elisabetta studies new combinations, and new cuts, reinterpreting an existing style or creating a new and more appropriate one
Every occasion requires different attire, and whether it’s a business dinner, a work meeting or a last-minute rendezvous with international top managers, we are not always sure of what to wear. Elisabetta Mancini offers precious advice on appropriate outfits, accessories, colours but also on what goes with what and what doesn’t, as well as tricks and small secrets to value one’s personal style. An efficient and professional step-by-step study which takes into account taste and personal habits to build a perfectly tailored style. And if you are going off on a trip, whether it’s business or pleasure, and you’re not sure of what to put in your suitcase, Elisabetta helps you make the right choice, with a selection of ad hoc clothing based on your destination


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